School Tours

We reach more students through our school tours than any other program- last school year we had about 2000 students visit the museum! We offer tours  Tue. – Fri. at 9:30 and 1:00. Grades 8 and below spend about one hour in the galleries and 30 minutes in our classroom, working on an art project that relates to what they encountered in the galleries. High school class tours run about one hour and spend the entire time in the galleries. We understand that sometimes it is hard to justify a field trip to any destination; that is why we can give you a list of potential TEKS opportunities and learning objectives for each exhibition before your visit. Also, through a continuing grant program, we are able to cover the tour fee of $95 and reimburse you for your transportation costs up to about $200– that means your trip is practically FREE!

Below is a form (in Microsoft Excel) to request tours and reimbursement of transportation costs:

2016-2017Funding Request Form


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