Fall 2017 in full Swing

After a quiet summer, fall has arrived. From a giant mural, to class tours, to gallery openings- we are gettin it done. Let me show you.

Here are some drawing students from Tyler Junior College. The idea was to view the gallery and then go outside for contour line drawings of trees. Turns out, the students loved being in the gallery so much they wanted to stay and draw there! What more could you want from college students than enthusiasm/interest. We thank our lucky stars for such great kids!

That gallery you just saw? This is the process of cutting labels for every single piece of art in it. We do this every time, for every show. You’re welcome for that behind the scenes exclusive!

Last Thursday, several art teachers from TISD came to talk through the partnership we have with them. To say we are looking forward to working with them this year is an understatement. We had a surprise for them as well…

The teachers got a first hand look at the Dr. Biggers mural we had in the museum for only a couple of weeks. Not everyone thinks about it, but at the root of every art instructor is an individual artist. We enjoyed being able to give them a few moments to contemplate/discuss the mural. To be artists!

Next week we will be installing the next show featuring Andy Warhol! Please check back for updates. Stay in the TMA loop. It’s an exciting place to be.



About TMA Education Station

Hi! I'm Derek Frazier, the Interpretation Manager/Education Coordinator at the Tyler Museum of Art, a fully accredited fine arts museum in East Texas. Please let me know if you have any questions about the museum, what our education department does, or if you just want to talk about art. It's what we do!
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