“Flora and Fauna” now open until March 19, 2017

Organized by the Tyler Museum of Art, this exhibition visually spotlights a variety of plants and animals as well as the environment surrounding them. From paintings and sculptures to photographs and prints, the works are as diverse as the great outdoors they depict. While several pieces come out of our Museum’s Permanent Collection, the majority of works- some recently completed- are drawn from public and private collections across Texas. Many of the artists included in Flora and Fauna are featured at the TMA for the first time.

The artists featured in Flora and Fauna are: Helen Altman; Jack Beal; Keith Carter; James Drake; Kelly Fearing; Juan Fontanive; Lilian Garcia-Roig; Susan Kae Grant; Billy Hassell; Luis Jimenez; Jules Buck Jones; Alex Katz; Page Kempner; MANUAL; Carrie Marill; Mark Messersmith; Melissa Miller; Earl Staley; Bill Steffy; Jim Stoker; Randy Twaddle; and Liz Ward.


About TMA Education Station

Hi! I'm Derek Frazier, the Interpretation Manager/Education Coordinator at the Tyler Museum of Art, a fully accredited fine arts museum in East Texas. Please let me know if you have any questions about the museum, what our education department does, or if you just want to talk about art. It's what we do!
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