TMA Summer Camp

Are you looking for the best summer camp for your children to utilize their creativity? We offer an awesome opportunity for kids this summer! There will be many activities centered on creativity, science and teamwork. Each week includes a visit to the Planetarium. Crafting a variety of art is a main focus as we use many different materials, from painting, sculpture, and even stop-motion animations.

Last year, we used teamwork to build a life-size catapult as well as a replica Tardus from the Sci-fi show Doctor Who.

Our projects are a great way for your child to practice their artistic potential and mainly have fun!

Camps will be available for 4 weeks this summer and starts the last week of June. Our camps will not include the first week of July and will resume for the last three weeks of the month. Follow the link below for more information on Summer camps and registration.

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Best Friends II

The dog is the subject in all the fine art photography in this show!

Dogs are as easy to love as they are loving. In this show, they are portrayed in an array of environments, all illustrating the personality, livelihood, and affection all dogs carry for their owners.

Dogs have been represented in art as far back as prehistoric cave art and Egyptian monuments. They are always relevant, always recognizable.

Come take a look at the show. The dogs will be here through March 25. Photos are allowed in he show so feel free to take come pictures with your favorite pup!

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Dia de los Muertos 2017

Over 200 visitors came

To our Day of the Dead

Middle school art reception on Sunday, October 30.

Nine local middle school participated, and the results were outstanding!

We spent the afternoon making traditional Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls, tissue paper marigolds and monarch butterflies. Every activity culturally connected to the holiday.

As always, we displayed a traditional Hispanic ofrenda, filled with Day of the Dead facts!

We hope everyone enjoyed time with their families- and took pictures of their art on full display at the Tyler Museum of Art! The student art will be there through November 9.

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Fall 2017 in full Swing

After a quiet summer, fall has arrived. From a giant mural, to class tours, to gallery openings- we are gettin it done. Let me show you.

Here are some drawing students from Tyler Junior College. The idea was to view the gallery and then go outside for contour line drawings of trees. Turns out, the students loved being in the gallery so much they wanted to stay and draw there! What more could you want from college students than enthusiasm/interest. We thank our lucky stars for such great kids!

That gallery you just saw? This is the process of cutting labels for every single piece of art in it. We do this every time, for every show. You’re welcome for that behind the scenes exclusive!

Last Thursday, several art teachers from TISD came to talk through the partnership we have with them. To say we are looking forward to working with them this year is an understatement. We had a surprise for them as well…

The teachers got a first hand look at the Dr. Biggers mural we had in the museum for only a couple of weeks. Not everyone thinks about it, but at the root of every art instructor is an individual artist. We enjoyed being able to give them a few moments to contemplate/discuss the mural. To be artists!

Next week we will be installing the next show featuring Andy Warhol! Please check back for updates. Stay in the TMA loop. It’s an exciting place to be.


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“Making a Splash” now open until September 17th.


Visit the Tyler Museum of Art this summer to enjoy the A/C and a colorful exhibition featuring three of Texas’ most celebrated contemporary artists- Shannon Cannings, Leigh Merrill, and Kelly O’Connor. Hyper-realistic paintings, refined drawings, serene prints, and campy collages provide a diorama of American popular culture reminiscent of the 1950s and ’60s. Nostalgic, charming, and sometimes questioning, the images of swimming pools, squirt guns, and vacation paradises will get you in the summertime groove!


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“Double Take: Works by Ed Blackburn” Now Open Until August 20.

Ed Blackburn’s career spans four decades and can be linked to the art historical movements of Photorealism and Pop art, but overall his broad range of interests and subject matter defies categorization. This exhibition is focused on Blackburn’s work from the 1980s, which features scenes from Hollywood movies like Five Card Stud and Chinatown, and celebrities like Elvis Presley, James Dean, Gene Hackman, and Frank Sinatra. Here are some of the works of art you will encounter on your visit to the TMA:

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“Brickstreet Anthology: Photographs by Robert Langham” Now Open Until May 14.

Tyler native Robert Langham has been photographing East Texas subjects since 1971, when he took his first photojournalism class at TJC. His avid interest in fine art photography led him to an apprenticeship with the legendary Ansel Adams, and eventually, wide acclaim in his own right while maintaining a successful commercial photography business in his hometown. Additionally, he has shared his passion with new generations for more than two decades as a photography professor at his alma mater, TJC. His photography has been featured in numerous exhibitions at venues including The Old Jail Art Center in Albany, Texas, and the TMA, where he also served as guest curator for Scott M. Lieberman, M.D.: At the Vantage Point in 2014.

Brickstreet Anthology is the product of Langham’s extensive research and travel throughout Tyler “to train his lens on numerous local personalities who are as varied as they are dynamic,” TMA curator Caleb Bell said. Shooting on black-and-white film rather than relying on digital imagery, Langham’s subjects range from business and civic leaders to citizens going about their everyday business “to capture the essence of what it means to be a member of our unique community.” Here are some of the photographs featured in the exhibition:

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